Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Reddy to go

Very excited about going to Russia on Friday. I’ve even learnt to read the Cyrillic alphabet in preparation. Xороший, Да? Break out the Dostoyevsky.

Anyway, I have a feeling it’s going to be totally weird, an impression that’s been far from undermined by preliminary reading of the Rough Guide to Moscow. Describing the attractions of the city’s northern suburbs, for example, it goes:

Foremost among them is the VVTs, a huge exhibition park that has been likened to a Stalinist Disney World, near the iconic Space Obelisk and Worker and Collective Farm Girl monument.

Now I like surrealism as much as the next man, but, seriously, like, what?


Red said...

Whn I hear about Russia, I think about Arcade Fire (sorry, it's Pavlovian...). Have you heard the Neon Bible yet? Any good?

Will said...

Don't mention Arcade Fire! I'm missing their Brixton gig because I'm in Russia!

But no, I haven't. Def getting it on my return.