Sunday, March 11, 2007

Day 3, Moscow: Barley-vous Anglais?

Ghostbusters, fire, Nathan Barley

Hard to beat the high of Day 2, but in the morning we visit Izmaylovo Market. By this stage, I know how to ask how much stuff costs in Russian (“Stolka stoit?”). But I rarely understand the answer.

Tadich then surprises us with a ride on a ski lift up a snowy hill to see the dramatic Moscow University building. Like a number of Moscow’s daunting towering buildings, it’s totally Ghostbusters:

Clearly built by Gozer the Sumerian

The evening ends in a restaurant which has a bar shaped like a fire engine, waitresses dressed as firewomen and miniature fire extinguishers on the tables that dispense beer. We take full advantage.

More beer for table 5 please!

Then we go back to the flat and watch Nathan Barley on DVD.

Morris + Brooker = genius
Genius + off day = Nathan Barley


Red said...

Cool building, kind of like a cross between Senate House and the Empire State Building.

Your time in Russia sounds like a lot of alcohol-fuelled fun! Look forward to reading more!

Huw said...

I want to go and visit Tadich in Russia. All I have is a friend in Scotland.

Doris said...

Really enjoying your account of your time in Russia. It definitely inspires wanderlust!

James K said...

I see a trip to Russia hasn't improved the quality of your puns. Barley vous Anglais...arse.

Kusems said...

Is that building really as big as it looks like it is? Because it looks absolutely massive.

Will said...

Red: imagine going to university there. You'd shit yourself with fear every day.

Huw: I'm sure Tadich would welcome you with open arms. Seriously.

Doris: Good!

James K: this is just the beginning.

Kusems: yes, it is indeed absolutely massive.

rashbre said...

love the drinking pic.