Thursday, March 29, 2007

Flat out

Me and Sarah are moving in together. It's great! But first we need to find somewhere to move to, and in this great and fraught city, that's no easy cabbages.

The whole thing's made harder by the fact that when it comes down to it, we really don't know where to live. Here are the criteria:

  • Must be in London (yes, that rules out Hill Valley)
  • Should be in zone 1 or 2, in the vicinity of some kind of tube station (preferably a good one)
  • Can't be in Stockwell or Brixton
  • Travelling to both Paddington and Brixton must be manageable
  • Area should not resemble hell, but nor should it resemble Mothercare

Oh, and yes, this will mean the end of the Stockwell Flats project. I'm sorry. It was just their time.

Any ideas?

* Update: We've found somewhere! It's in Kennington, which satisfies all the above criteria. Score!

1 comment:

* (asterisk) said...

Yeah, Kennington isn't bad, in a south London kind of way. Just don't try driving there...