Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Feeling Iley

Luvvie interviewer Chrissy Iley may churn out the most cringeworthy big name pieces you're likely to read ("When he's in a relationship does he like to observe but not really know himself, I ask?"), but you have to admit, no one can read a hug like she can...

"We hug goodbye and it's a warm and proper hug where I tell him he's lovely and he squeezes me tighter."
Interviewing Johnny Depp, Grauniad, 3 July 2006

"Sting arrives and by now it’s late afternoon. The room becomes a darker golden but the sunlight makes Sting’s hair impressively lemony. He hugs me hello; his cashmere zip-up is soft but his body is hard."
Interviewing Sting, Times, 4 March 2007

"There's a profound air of loneliness about Victoria that makes you want to first go up and give her a hug..."
Interviewing Victoria Beckham, Glamour

"When he hugged me goodbye I felt his bones. He felt frail, but at the same time intense. But still with a look of mischief in his eye..."

Interviewing Sam Rockwell, Grauniad, 11 November 2007

"I'm not sure if goodbye is going to be a smile or a handshake but it turns out to be a hug, a firm, all-embracing one. I feel a tingling going up and down my entire body."
Interviewing Harrison Ford, Observer, 27 April 2008

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mayors and graces

I received my London Mayoral elections booklet in the post yesterday. The 32-page pamphlet is being sent out to all those in the capital registered to vote and includes the two-page miniature manifestos of each of the candidates standing (minus one, who presumably couldn't afford the £10,000 contribution fee).

It's interesting to see which words the candidates are keen on pushing. Ken Livingstone's section, for example, shows that he is the city, using the words "London" or "Londoners" a total of 16 times. While that figure's the same in Liberal Democrat candidate Brian Paddick's section, the name "Brian" also appears 13 times. Just in case you forget who he is. And Boris Johnson – can it be a coincidence that the word "serious" crops up four times?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Playlist #1: April 2008

Mawnin'. Here begins a collection of monthly playlists, each comprising a dozen songs that my ears have been enjoying recently. I'll try and get these out mid-month, so come all ye faithful. Genres may vary, but quality, Insha'Allah, will not.

So without further ado, welcome to April, year of our Lord 2008.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Court red-handed

After describing the Daily Mirror's 3am Girls showbiz column as "increasingly dismal" in a snooty tabloid round-up article today, The Guardian's Paul Macinnes goes on to lay into a piece by The Sun's celebrity hack Gordon Smart, in which the red-top writer praises an already hotly-tipped new band.
"More new-born celestial matter can be found today in the shape of the Courteneers (pronounced in a fashionably Gene Hunt-esque way as the Cortinas). Now despite a tidal wave of hype in the week past, the Manc band's debut album failed to reach No 1 yesterday, falling into the marginally less prestigious No 4 slot instead… It falls to Smart Gordon to introduce the band to his Bizarre readers this morning, just a few weeks after everybody else did."
Unbearable smugness aside, if The Grauniad really was as far ahead of the curve as they'd like to think, they'd know the reason the band's name is pronounced "Cortinas" is because it's spelt, er, "Courteeners". Duh.

Lessons learned from... The Orphanage

Beware falling girders.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

LA excellent

Lux Aeterna, Clint Mansell's extraordinarily dramatic piece of film music, was following me around yesterday. First, it came on the stereo at The Valley just before the Southampton-Charlton kick-off, then, in the evening, it cropped up again at the start of Britain's Got Talent.

Lux first appeared on the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack, but now it's become customary to use it for any event in which you want to create instant tension, then up said tension to unbearably epic levels - ie film trailers.

And here's the full thing if you want to hear it without hundreds of images confusing your brain.

Monday, April 07, 2008

The Electric Goose 'worried about Butterfly Effect'

Well, it's the eve of my 27th birthday, the end of the Diana inquest and the 69th anniversary of Italy's invasion of Albania - and therefore the perfect time to say, "Hey everyone, look: I've redesigned The Electric Goose! Now it's ridiculously wide and the logo doesn't quite fit on the screen (depending on what type of monitor or browser you're using)! Cool, huh (apart from the logo issue, which I will be working to resolve when I can bothered, which will probably be NEVER)?!"

But why? Why mess with perfection? Why? Well, The Great Widening of 2008, as it will surely become known, is mainly so my medium-sized 500x375px Flickr photos don't have to be compressed to be embedded on the page. Yeah, shine on you crazy diamond. Anyway, let's hope the widening of these here pages doesn't push some other poor soul off the edge of the internet and into THE ABYSS. That'd be regrettable - but hey, I didn't invent Chaos Theory, bitch.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Yesterday's pictures

St Paul's, seen from Jean Prouve's Tropical House
St Paul's Cathedral, taken from inside Jean Prouvé's Maison Tropicale

Alex through the wine glass
Alex through the wine glass

Hidden Mini
Mini hidden by branches

Melting staircase