Monday, September 12, 2005

Original pirate material

Many people have been asking me about the progress of the boy Paul, who finally embarked on his Russian odyssey last week. Had an MSN chat with him this morning, and here's the verdict in full:

Big Fat Melting Pot says: So, how's Rusher?
Hit It and Quit It says: Let me put it this way: the other day, I bought the entire 1960s-70s Stones back catalogue on pirated MP3 CDs from a kiosk on the street at 3am for about 2 quid.

So there we go.


Anonymous said...
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Adrian Chin said...

That sounds alot like in Malaysia... where its actually difficult to find something ORIGINAL :)

good to see you're doing well, parky.

Will said...

Cheers Adrian. Hope life is good with you.

Jamie said...

Fucking hell, it's sundance!