Sunday, August 31, 2008

Overheard (in my head)

"The Blind Boys of Alabama, yeah, they're really good at what they do. They're not so good at the things they don't do, like cover versions of Bloc Party songs, which is probably why they don't do them."

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Taking the Michael

I'd forgotten what a good magazine Empire is. There's a good little interview with Michael "Mr Blonde" Madsen in this month's issue, this bit a particular highlight:

Who's the best James Bond?
Sean Connery, of course. I met Lazenby once. It was really bizarre. I was in an airport on my way to do Die Another Day and this old guy walks up and goes, "Hey Michael, how are you doing?" Shakes my hand. "Love your work!" I'm like, "Thanks very much." He just stood there staring at me. I felt very embarrassed because I thought, "This guy knows me and I don't know him." Then, five seconds later, it was like, "Holy shit! You're George Lazenby!" And he was like, "YES, I AM!" I said, "Wow! I'm on the way to do a Bond film right now!" He goes, "Put a word in for me, wouldja? I think I should be a Bond villain - don't you think I'd be a great Bond villain?" I said, "I'll mention that to Barbara [Broccoli]."

Did you?

Friday, August 29, 2008

Düning up

Herman Düne will doubtless never escape the breezy brilliance of 'I Wish That I Could See You Soon' – but I did enjoy this verse their forthcoming album, 'Next Year in Zion':

And then we were in Stockholm
And it was beautiful in July,
And the day after, this famous Swedish director Ingmar Bergman died.
All the national papers had some special issues,
with beautiful pictures and interesting interviews.
I figured it was unlikely that they would gather all this stuff overnight
They must have needed much more time than this to write.
And it felt rancid.
And you said, "David,
David, don't you know about obituaries?
They keep them at hand for the death of celebrities."
And I said, "I will never get used to how twisted news can be."
Someone knows better than me.
Someone knows better than me.

(from 'Someone Knows Better Than Me')

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Glass ceiling

I was a bit bored in my lunch break at work on Bank Holiday Monday this week, so I looked aloft and beheld a glass ceiling of geometrical splendour. Then I went and finished my ciabatta.

The office: look up

Glass ceiling

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Playlist #5: August 2008

Oh, SeeqPod has a much larger range of songs than Project Playlist does. Sorry, PP, but that's the dog-eat-dog world of shared online mixtapes for you. Everyone else: here's number five. (The Camille album is probably the best thing I've heard all year.)

SeeqPod - Playable Search

Monday, August 25, 2008


"There is just no drama here at the moment."
As the Beijing games finishes, Sky News sends a reporter to London's Olympic stadium building site.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tonight on BBC2: The Cup

"The move was essential," says gynaecologist Dr Kaskar, explaining why he had to relocate to the North-West. "There are more vaginas in Bolton." Read more...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tonight on BBC2: Maestro

Conducting – it's easy, right? Just dress up in something smart, stand in front of an orchestra listening to some live music for free, and repeatedly try to skewer one of the invisible bees swarming in front of you. Read more...

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Three weddings and, er, that's it

July was wedding month for me. First, my sister was married in Clerkenwell, then my old school friend Geraint tied the knot in a field near Cardiff, and finally Sarah's mum's boyfriend's son got hitched in a country church in Wytton, Shropshire. We do love a good wedding - which is lucky, because all three were excellent.

Part of the reason this blog has become so impersonal and sparse is because over the last year, I've become a bit concerned about invading people's privacy (ha, pretty rich for someone who writes about stupid celebrities for a living) and, weirdly, my own (it freaks me out when I see referrals from someone Googling "will parkhouse journalist"). This is all to explain why this post doesn't contain a slew of pictures featuring brides, grooms and big-hatted guests. Anyway, I prefer the impressionistic Fotherington-Thomas hullo-trees-hullo-sky approach of papping these days. Presto!

Cometh the hour...

Wedding car

Giant baby attacks

Cool dude + tipi

The groom plots his dancefloor revenge

Graves, St Mary's Church, Whitton



Corn field

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