Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The mighty fuchsia

I hate being the UK's foremost trend-setter – you're constantly having to gulp back an I told you so every time some Johnny-come-lately in a suit steals one of your ideas.

You'll of course remember back in August that I unveiled my range of fuchsia-themed t-shirt sloganry. Well now the corporations are trying to get in on the action.

First I hear that Lloyds TSB have started using my "Back to the fuchsia" pun on a billboard ad up near Mornington Crescent. I sincerely hope that's the only one. Next, I hear that Orange Wednesdays have, in a Reservoir Dogs-style cinema advert, called one of their characters "Mr Fuchsia". I sincerely hope no one sees it. Finally, if that hadn't stressed me out enough, I tear off Thursday's page on my day-by-day Word Origin Calendar and get this:


FUCHSIA | The eminent German botanist Leonard Fuchs (1501 – 1566) compiled the first widely used glossary of botanical terms and described hundreds of species in detail. His memory is honoured in the plant name fuchsia.

Leonard, on behalf of the haters, I'm so sorry your glorious memory has been tarnished in this way. I'm going to say it now: fuchsia is over. Long live puce!


Chris said...

I'm sorry. Whose glorious idea was "Back to the Fuchsia"?

Will said...

Collaborative, of course, Mr S. You provided the theme, I came up with the flagship pun.