Monday, March 12, 2007

Day 4, Moscow: Krem and punishment

Kremlin-snapping, GUM see, more vodka, the greatest kebab of all time

Darren’s last day. We go to the Kremlin, and find that Russians don’t make it easy for tourists. In fact, they seem to be actively discouraging tourists from visiting stuff, writing everything in Cyrillic (not a problem for me, fnar fnar), placing scary armed guards everywhere, and – in the case of the armoury museum – labeling the main entrance with the English words “Staff Entrance”. Finally make it in, and press the large button on my camera many times over.

Always believe in your soul

Are you the gatekeeper?

Definitely a canonical work

After Darren leaves, me and Jamie head over to Red Square.

Crack horse

We pop in to GUM (stands for State Department Store, pronounced goom), a huge and highly impressive shopping mall. Rough Guide fact alert:

In 1932 [GUM] was used for the lying-in-state of Stalin’s wife, Nadezhda, after her suicide; Stalin stayed there for days, silently noting who came to pay their respects.

The temple of GUM

In the evening, beginning to fall into a not unpleasant pattern, we go to meet Tadich. There are predictably vodka-soaked results.

An ap-Paul-ing vision

As the night draws to a close, Tadich takes us to sample “the greatest Kebab of all time”. I’m not so impressed, until someone points out that I’m eating the paper as well. I throw the paper away, but find that the pastry underneath tastes like paper too.

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Is that horse brown? Did you leave something in Moscow? Are you The Libertines?