Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Day 5, Moscow: Gawky Parkhouse

Red taped, Arbatrary, McHangingabout, Moo hoo

Hangover. The best cure, of course, is to attempt to get your Visa registered (required within three days of arrival). During a drawn-out visit to our agency, we end up traipsing through an enormous building of corridors and offices. I’ve never seen anything that looks so damn 1984.


We visit the Arbat, and are slightly disappointed. However, the bohemian smoke drifting across the far end of the street and ominous cracked sky does give the area a certain something.

This photo was completely Arbatrary

Outside Macdonald’s is the area’s meeting point hotspot. We hang around outside for Tadich.

A visit to this place reportedly makes your day

The Canadian takes us to a buffet restaurant called Moo Moo. Or in Cyrillic: My My. A nice-looking woman tries to chat me up in the queue. My Russian still isn’t good enough to respond, so I shrug and say “Anglisky”. She looks downcast and turns away. I start to worry that maybe this was a big moment for her – perhaps she’d been in an abusive relationship that had destroyed her confidence, and, as the mental and physical scars had slowly healed, she’d finally plucked up the courage to try and get back in the game. But there is nothing I can do, except pay for my chicken.

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* (asterisk) said...

Shame she couldn't speak Tamil.