Sunday, December 10, 2006

Albums of 2006

It's list time here on planet Earth, so here are my top five long-players of the year, with five also-goods.

Top five
Cansei De Ser Sexy – CSS
The Life Pursuit – Belle and Sebastian
Alright, Still – Lily Allen
Ys – Joanna Newsom
Awoo – The Hidden Cameras

Honorable mentions
Dad's Weird Dream – Silver Sun
Whatever I Say I Am That's What I'm Not – Arctic Monkeys
We Are the Pipettes – The Pipettes
Modern Times – Bob Dylan
Howling Bells – Howling Bells

Last year's faves


Huw said...

Silver Sun are still making records? Blimey (in a good way).

Will said...

They certainly are, and good ones at that. Even better, I went to see them live this year. It was so good.

Curly said...

I'm amazed that Silversun are still going too.

Can I nominate an album which isn't out yet? I doubt that it'll appear before 2007 rolls in, but Puressence are gettting a new one out sometime soon I think.

Howling Bells are great.