Sunday, December 17, 2006


Pre-DJ Shadow gig, we're in the pub and Birdy is telling us a story. He was out drinking last week with some friends and they all decided to go to a club. But his pal is wearing brown shoes with white soles, so when they get to the venue, the bouncer thinks he spies a pair of trainers and denies entrance to the motley crew.

They go into a huddle and one of their number comes up with an idea: the brown-shoed reject should go round the corner, take his socks off and put them on over the shoes, in order to hide the offending white soles. So he does so, and comes back to the club.

"You're not coming in," says the bouncer, for the second time.

"Why?" asks the hapless shoe-switcher.

"Because you're wearing your socks over your shoes," says the bouncer, not unreasonably.

Birdy, looking slightly dejected


Anonymous said...

Haha. Reminds me of a time I wasn't allowed into a beer garden because it had just turned 6pm and I was earing shorts, even though there were guys already in there wearing shorts. I asked if my mate's girlfriend (about my size) would be allowed in if she was wearing shorts and the bouncer said yeah. So the four of us went to nearby rest room, mate's girlfriend and I went into our respective cubicles and removed our pants, each partner took the pants outside and did a swap. We returned to the beer garden smirking like smart arses and the bouncer shook his head and also smirked, letting us in.

The socks over the shoes thing though - that was never going to work.

* (asterisk) said...

Without going back and checking wherever it is I might check (probably my own blog, but I'm not sure), wasn't DJ Shadow the guy who did the music for the great documentary Dark Days? I think so. I don't have much else to say about him.

Birdy does indeed look dejected, and rightly so. Call me old skool if you like, but I don't see the problem with trainers in a club anyway. Unless it's a country club, I suppose. But I doubt DJ Shadow would be playing a country club anyway.

I do love the socks-over-shoes thing, though. I can just puicture the "inventive" "new" "dance" "moves" that it would facilitate.

Anonymous said...

I recently went out in Leicester with a couple male friends and we did the sock trick and it worked.

see here

we came to the conclusion that anywhere that has that ruke is rubbish and once you are in there not only is it rubbish but you have socks over your shoes

Will said...

Yeah, that can't be comfortable. Can't see the pics unless we're your friend. :(