Monday, December 18, 2006


Our NTL internet connection has been dreadful over the last week or two. Their service stresses me out. Booked an engineer on the phone on Saturday:

Technical support man: "So just to confirm, the engineer will attend between 12 and 6 on Wednesday. Also, please contact us if you are unable to attend the appointment; as part of NTL company policy if you miss the appointment, we will charge you £10."

Me: "That's interesting, because one of your engineers was booked to come round last week and he missed the appointment. Will you pay me £10?"

[Long silence]

Man: "I'm sorry sir?"

Me: "I booked an engineer before and he didn't turn up. Do I get £10?"


Man: "Please accept our apologies."

Some number crunching: since getting an NTL line, we've spent a total of £4.87 and 84 minutes on phonecalls to technical support. When their stuff breaks, we have to pay them more!

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Anonymous said...

NTL are the biggest pile of crap ever. Their customer service is terrible. I don't understand how hard it is to get it to work like it should.

They make BT look like professionals. Absolutely appalling.