Friday, December 08, 2006

Wii - gee! Bored

Nice interview over on Eurogamer with Marwan Elgamal, the 17-year-old who queued on Oxford Street for nearly three days so he could pick up one of the new Nintendo Wii consoles. Some highlights follow:

Patrick Garratt: What happened when you needed to go to the toilet?

Marwan Elgamal: There was a bin around the corner. I just did it in there.

Later, Marwan speaks movingly of his love of the Zelda games:

Marwan Elgamal: It does appeal to me, but not as much as Zelda. I grew up with Zelda and it's my favourite game. I need Zelda.

Finally, the interviewer tries to catch him out, but the masterful Marwan outmanoevres him with an answer geekier than you would've thought possible:

Marwan Elgamal: I got to try out Twilight Princess and it's tailor-made. It works so well. It attracts me so much.

Patrick Garratt: You don't want to play Twilight Princess on GameCube?

Marwan Elgamal: I'm going to get Twilight Princess for GameCube but I'm going to leave it sealed because I'm collecting all the Zelda games.

Full interview


* (asterisk) said...

I'm all for leaving stuff sealed if you collect it, but i've never heard of it being done with computer games. That's quite ... something?

Anonymous said...

For those interested in the Wii (pronounced 'Wee') they can visit my brother's website:

plug, plug.

PS: Will, why are you so interested in the 'Wee'?

Will said...

Yes, it's a bit special, isn't it, *?

Nice plugging James. I'm mainly interested in the Wii for the near-infinite punning opportunities, but I also totally want one.

NB Idea for Xbox 360 fightback advertising campaign: show clip of people playing on the Wii waving the wireless remotes and 'nunchucks' around. Then, in big letters, white on black: "Get a Wii. Look like an idiot."