Wednesday, December 20, 2006

meNTaL part 2

I get home in time for the NTL man who's due between 12pm and 6pm (as booked last week), and there's a written note explaining that an NTL broadband area fault means there's nothing he can do, and that I should call NTL customer services to cancel the appointment.

I call the NTL engineer on his mobile: he says the fault won't be fixed for a month.

I call NTL customer services and, after ten minutes on hold, tell them I've been told to cancel the engineer. Also that I want compensation for the last three weeks and the coming month. They cancel the appointment and explain that they don't pay out until the problem is fixed (!), so I should call them back then. In the meantime, to find out about the fault, I should call the NTL area fault number.

I call the NTL fault hotline. I explain the problem, and the man tells me that what the engineer didn't know was that the NTL broadband fault in my area has actually now been fixed and that I should turn on my NTL modem. However, the ready light is still flashing. He tells me I need an NTL engineer to look at the NTL modem. There isn't one available till Friday. I ask if I can just have the one that I was supposed to between 12pm and 6pm today. No, he says. Even though it's only 12.30pm now? "Our apologies sir, but the ticket has been cancelled."

I have to say, their incompetence is stunning in its consistency.


* (asterisk) said...

My heart goes out to you, Will. Never used NTL myself, but I've heard bad things from many quarters. You should absolutely make sure you get as much compensation as you can. It's outrageous the shit these people get away with.

James K said...

Will, have you seen this website called NTL:HELL. It is a kind of online support group for people who have had bad NTL experiences and has tips and stuff.

It's obvious that it's not only you experiencing this crap.

Will said...

NB The man booked for 12 - 6pm Friday in this very post? Didn't turn up.

Will said...

Just for the sake of fairness, in case anyone searching for NTL comes here, here's the latest.

I gave up. It started working again. I phoned to ask for compensation and NTL very kindly dropped the monthly charge to £9.99 a month.

Then it broke again.