Sunday, December 10, 2006

Bill psyches

This is fairly extraordinary, and certainly worth recording. Last week, Sarah was standing opposite Brixton police station (she works nearby) and she sees a police van driving past. The van - "definitely an official police vehicle" - has speakers attached to the outside; I guess most of them do, so they can shout at rioters and stuff. But this one's different, as the noise emanating from the speakers is... the theme tune to The Bill! The TV programme! The van drives into the police car park and, amazingly, at the exact moment that it pulls to a halt, the song finishes.

This is surely Sir Ian Blair's first great initiative for the Met, and the world should sit up and take notice. If I was a New Jersey gangster, I'd drive along with Alabama 3's Woke Up This Morning on the stereo. If I was President, I'd install speakers in the corridors of the White House so I could walk into the Oval Office to the sounds of The West Wing theme tune. If I worked in a stationery office in Slough, I'd trudge to work with Handbags and Gladrags on my iPod. Never forget that your life is a television programme.

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Huw said...

I'm so jealous of Sarah. Do you know if it was the original theme, or the jazzed up one they introduced in the late nineties?

kearns said...

Presumably as a journalist the soundtrack to your day is the theme tune from Drop the Dead Donkey?

Will said...

Huw: she can't remember, but said, "It was probably just a Lambeth-made one to save on the cost."

Kearns: Yep, just like yours is the theme tune to This Life.