Thursday, December 07, 2006

Gets your goat

Thinking of going for the charity Christmas option this year and buying your loved one a goat for an African family? Think again, fool. Animal Aid, the UK's largest animal rights group, say this:
  • £11 sends six chickens to an impoverished area where they can heighten the disease risk and severely damage the immediate environment
  • £125 provides a pair of goats - animals known to cause desertification, thereby reducing the amount of farmland available to local people
  • £750 sends a cow, who will drink up to 90 litres of the villagers' water every single day
The Nintendo Wii's out today. Get one of those instead.

Animal Aid
Wii. Are. Your Friends


Edmund Hardy said...

I got part of a water buffalo last year. The water part.

Red said...

Never give anyone animals for Christmas. Ever. Whether a puppy or a goat.

kearns said...

It looks as though Karl Pilkington was right again. In the words of the great man himself:

"You’ve got a fella over here who hasn’t got a present cos his mate bought him a goat. You’ve got a family over there who are wondering about having another mouth to feed, and you’ve got a goat who’s going 'What am I doing here?'"