Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Albums of the year

As nothing that’s any good is going to come out before 31 December apart from Bryan Adams’ Greatest Hits, it’s probably the time to name my five albums of the year (plus five more that deserve a mention):

1) Funeral – Arcade Fire
2) Arular – MIA
3) Get Behind Me Satan – White Stripes
4) Medicine Box – Sons and Daughters
5) Bang Bang Rock and Roll – Art Brut

Also great:
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
The Alternative to Love – Brendan Benson
The New Fellas – The Cribs
Martha Wainwright - Martha Wainwright
Silent Alarm – Bloc Party


Anonymous said...

How is it possible for a Dylan fan to have Sons and Daughters in their top five?

They are rubbish.

What about A Bigger Bang? Martha Wainwright just sounds like a woman singing through her period.

Will said...

Well Dylan didn't release anything this year did he?

A Bigger Bang had a few good songs on it, but it's hardly one you compulsively go back to.

What were your top 5?

Anonymous said...

1) Best of Take That
2) Robbie Williams new album
3) The Darkness - One way ticket to hell and back
4)The Choirboys - the choirboys
5)Westlife - Face to Face.

All better than Sons and Daughters

Anonymous said...

Technically Arcade Fire came out in 2004 as well...

Will said...

If you live in America, it came out in 2004. If you live in the UK, it came out in 2005. I live in the UK. And so do you. What's your beef with the SaDs?

jpt said...

Might be worth mentioning that Bob Dylan has clearly been heavily influenced by the Sons & Daughters sound, as witnessed in his recent Brixton performance of John Brown.

Then again, it might not.