Sunday, December 03, 2006

Tragically quip

My favourite piece of 'real-life' dialogue of all time took place about two years ago at a party held by my old journalism tutor, Angela, a stern feminist of the old-school. The fact that the payoff comes from Kearns, a Telegraph-reading sports lover certainly adds to the quality of the exchange, particularly as him and Angela were often at loggerheads. Loggerheads! What a word!


Ed: "So, we're having a house-warming party and the theme is 'film and television of the 80s'."

Angela: "Who are you going as?"

Ed: "Sigourney Weaver."

Angela: "Hmmm. I didn't have time to watch any films in the '80s - I was far too busy with parenthood."

Kearns: "Parenthood the film?"



Edmund Hardy said...


(Quoting myself) I once made a not quite so contextually funny remark:

THEM: Do you come from Japan?

ME: Japan, the band?

Will said...


When you say 'Them', I take it you mean Van Morrison's old band?