Thursday, December 14, 2006

Five cultural disappointments of the year

If you came here thirsty for lists, prepare to be quenched...

Mighty Boosh, Brixton Academy

'Surreal', 'culty' and 'outsider' boxes were lazily ticked. Everyone laughed before the self-styled wacky duo had even done anything. Annoying.

Closure of The Queen pub, Bellefields Road
One of my favourite pubs ever. And they didn't just close it – they knocked the fucker down. Relive the pain here.

Broken Boy Soldiers, The Raconteurs
It was supposed to be the next Nevermind, for Jack's sake! Instead, it was just a bit average and featured way too much whigging out. Has slightly spoiled Brendan Benson for me.

Our Freeview box breaking
Luckily it was a two-in-one thing and the DVD player still works. But we still had to buy a new box. Hang your head in shame, Wharfdale.

The West Wing ends
Okay, it was never as good after Aaron Sorkin and Rob Lowe left. But I still wept salt tears.


* (asterisk) said...

I think the trouble with the Raconteurs album is likely to be that it was by the Raconteurs, no?

Anonymous said...

The Queen. You made me shed a tear. That place will always have a fond place in my heart especially after my Dylan party in 2005 where 300 fans from all over the world turned up to drink the place dry before the concert.

THe new building has a license application for a restaurant/bar premises on the wall which means we may have the Son of the Queen (or 'Prince') pub there soon. It won't be as good though.

Huw said...

Glad I wasn't the only one underwhelmed by the Boosh at Brixton. I was with a bunch of girls who were all gushing about it afterwards - I don't know if they felt obliged to because of the entrance fee or because Fielding had got them moist - but I wasn't blown away. And I love them.

jpt said...

It's been an absolute pleasure living through the painful parts of 2006 together. Bring on 2007 and direct-action vs. the NTL goons.

Though without the Queen, is anything really worth it?

Will said...

*: Jack White and Brendan B are amazing though. Just goes to show Genius + genius doesn't necessarily = More genius.

anonymous: I bet its replacement will be RUBBISH.

Huw: Yeah, lame.

jpt: Aw, thanks. Let's kill NTL.