Thursday, December 28, 2006

Hoomv and Doovde

Channel 4's occasional Comedy Lab series has outed such comedic British luminaries as Peter Kay, Jimmy Carr and Dom Joly. It's also produced a number of programmes which you vaguely remember as being hilarious but which, thanks to the incessant flow of time, sink to the seabed of your subconscious like discarded cigarette lighters. But now everyone in the world is connected together by invisible and highly radioactive internet gamma-waves, we're able to fish out the metaphorical cigarette lighters and see them work their fiery magic all over again. I give you the stunning phone-prankery of Fonejacker.

And subsequently:

Whole episode is here


Darren said...

Will pretend foreigners and their garbled English ever cease to be amusing? And does this mean it's officially OK to laugh at Mind Your Language now? Keep me in the loop!

James K said...


DrWhose said...

Dr Whose here. Thank you for reading my stuttering blog. Re 24 hr News. There was an intriguing moment tonight on threadbare, pointless News 24. Half way through the weather it suddenly cut to an extreme close up of the weather forecaster's left shoulder. It was the longest extreme shoulder close up I've ever seen. And the strangest. It had little to do with the weather.