Friday, November 24, 2006

Those are the headlines. God I wish they weren't

Probably not massively exciting if you don't know him, but I've obtained a clip of my friend Tadich screen-testing for a newsreading job. Worth watching to the end, if only for the climactic paper shuffling.

A previous attempt at 'video blogging'


jpt said...

The world is a more twisted place than I ever possibly imagined. Did anyone else notice that one of the stories mentions Indonesia? I was convinced he was about to burst into a tirade about the various merits of the legendary Indonesian Fuck Swing.

spankybuttfish said...

Very good. Fine reporting. But can he do it while quadraspaz on a life glug?

Will said...

I'd forgotten about the Indonesian Fuck Swing.

"Peter, you're lying in a news grave. What does it say on your headstone?"