Friday, November 10, 2006

Ghostsign of the times

Girlfriend's housemate's boyfriend, aka Ghostsign Sam, got some pics published in Time Out this week, as part of an article entitled Disappearing London.

Sam's been collecting pictures in London of 'ghost signs', with the noble intention of writing a book. Ghost signs, by the way, are those old skool style fading adverts you occasionally see on walls above shops (move your eyes leftwards for one of Sam's), reminders of an era when there were shops that weren't either Starbucks or Tescos. No, I didn't realise there was such a time either, but I've been assured there was.

Anyway, if you know the location of any good ghost signs or have a photo of your own that he could publish, drop Sam an email at If your picture doesn't look like a piece of crap, you could be featured in his book!

Read the Time Out article


Huw said...

I live right next to the rather busy train line heading north out of London (or the Great Northern Railway, as train fans might prefer to call it), and the entire side of my house used to have a sign painted on it for the benefit of the thousands that pass each day. It looks like a piece of crap now, and I couldn't tell you - or this Sam fellow - what it once advertised.

Chris (or should I start saying "India Chris") said...

There are at least a couple in Clapham. One on the High Street (heading to Sainbury's from Sainbury's Local when they've sold out of avocados and organic balsamic vinegar). There's another for Deane's chemists in the "Old Town" area. There's another in Brixton near the Ritzy.

There might still be remnants of "Bo Diddley will never play for Chelsea. Toyah Wilcox" painted onto a fence in Stockwell, but I doubt that's really what he's looking for.

* (asterisk) said...

For what it's worth, I think Sam's pics were the most interesting in that TO article.

Sam Roberts said...

Hi Will,
Thanks for the plug on your blog. I've now started my own at so feel free to add a link through to this. I'll be doing the same for you!

PS. By the way asterix, thanks for the compliment, keep an eye on my blog for more new and interesting signs!