Saturday, November 25, 2006

Cool down

I've been catching up on the NME a bit today. The music paper published their annual Cool List this week, which, as you've probably guessed, names their top 50 coolest pop stars.

The list puts the rather obscure Beth Ditto, lead singer of The Gossip, at No.1. When asked for her definition of cool, she says: "Anything that's not cool is cool." Ah, the neverending cool-not cool paradox: messing with cerebral rockstars' heads since 1957. But what's this? Jump back a couple of issues to November 4, and you'll find the mag's Long Blondes' album review confidently proclaiming:
Only a fool would argue that [Long Blondes singer Kate] Jackson - smart, sexy and chic - isn't the coolest pop star around right now. And if they did, she'd eat them for breakfast.

Looks like Jackson, who finds herself at No.7, will be heading over to NME Towers to do some breakfast-time fool-eating.

Behind NME lines

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