Thursday, November 16, 2006

More things to do. Stop saying I don't treat you nice

Do some free work for impoverished company Google. It's for the good of mankind! Play

Get up to date with Bathmatwatch; I've checked, and it's the best thing on the internet right now. Read

The unbelievably great band I saw on Tuesday. Listen

Sick of Borat? Here's some more. Watch


Timbo said...

I'm with you re Bathmatwatch. Pure blog heaven in a bathmat.

Red said...

You are a strange and fascinating man, Will Parkhouse.

Doris said...

Bathmatwatch has - almost - ruined me for all other blogs!

the monobrow said...

That Google game keeps on pairing me with retards who either don't make any guesses at all or type "bequeathing" and "diphosphonate" for each picture. I think that passes for humour in some parts.

So I retaliate by typing in tosser.

the monobrow said...

did noone else spot that "bequeathing" thing? does anyone get it?