Wednesday, November 29, 2006


One of my contemporaries from school became a professional rugby player. One became a model. One became a poet. One became an actor.

Now I have another to add to the list: one has become a 'sleazy love rat'. I know this because I read it in The Sun newspaper. I had quite angry feelings about this guy at school, so it's rather gratifying to hear that he's been ridiculed by thousands of people online and in Britain's biggest selling newspaper. I didn't think there was such a thing as 'comeuppance' in real life.

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* (asterisk) said...

That's a pretty successful school you went to, I'd say.

ems said...

Did you go to posh school? I'd like to give a similar list from my girls comp but I can't come up with anyone that's done anything.

Huw said...

Sam deserved better.

The Sun's second favourite page 3 stunner started at my sixth form the September after I left. Irksome.

Huw said...

Although, crikey! I've just clocked her nails. Fearsome.

Mr Angry said...


The roll of honour from my school is somewhat less impressive. For brevity I will stick just to the guys I played with in the school football team.

One turned pro and was then killed in a car accident 6 years ago.

One went into a mental asylum on his 19th birthday

One is currently serving 4 years in prison for his part in a drug dealing racket.

One is currently awaiting trial for murder.

Who says Comprehensive schools do not create good citizens?

Will said...

*, Emma: I admit it, I went to posh school. Sorry. On the plus side, you wouldn't know it.

Huw: Who is the Sun's second favourite P3 stunna? I'm slightly suspicious about Sam, the so-called IT expert - you would've thought those long nails would make using a keyboard nigh on impossible.

Mr Angry: That's a tough motherfucking football team.

All: I've heard there was a follow-up to this in the News of the Screws on Sunday, so I'll try and dig it out and update you all (it's not online).