Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Grade Expectations

A lot of news words have been thrown today at Michael Grade's 'dramatic defection' from the BBC to ITV. It seems to be another one of those occasions when the media community bangs on about a story that interests them, with little regard for whether any of the non-media freaks - who do exist! - actually care.

It all reminds me a bit of a stupid News in Brief I wrote for our class newspaper The Goldmine back at Hack School. [The sound of shoehorning can be heard.]

Media 'too self-referential', say media
The media is too self-referential, according to an article published in The Telegraph on Wednesday. Media insiders told The Goldmine that the media had gone too far: "There are a ridiculously high number of media news stories about the media in the media," said one. The media reported itself to be unhappy about the comments.

There is one thing that earns Grade an A+ though. When it started back in 1986, Neighbours was originally only shown in the afternoon, but according to legend it was Grade (BBC Controller at the time) who got the Aussie soap its 5.35pm repeat, thanks to his daughter's annoyance about constantly missing it because of school. And it's kept that glorious not-afternoon-not-evening slot since 1988. Now at ITV, 'the Gradester', as no one calls him, is reportedly set to get a £1m a year salary. That's a fucking steal.


Red said...

Everybody knows what ITV's problem is, so I am surprised that they are willing to pay Michael Grade £1m for a solution, like it's a really elusive truth they are looking for and only he has the answer.

ITV could have paid me one tenth of that, and I could give them the elixir of health: ditch shitty shows like Ice-Skating with the Stars of Yesteryear, Reborn in the USA with Tony Hadley and that bloke from Go West, or Soap Star Idol with that curly haired boy who's the offspring of some woman from Brookside. Badabing!

* (asterisk) said...

I have the sneaking suspicion that ITV is beyond redemption. That said, I think Grade is the best person for the job, with the obvious exception of my wife.