Thursday, November 02, 2006

Express yourself

The World's Greatest Newspaper (The Daily Express, natch) has an awesome front page today: "NOW CAMILLA HIDES POPPY | She IS wearing one, but you can't see it under Muslim scarf".

But why? Well, the splash nicely plays upon both the readership's anti-Islamic feeling and their World War 1 nostalgia, and rolls it all up into a Royal family 'story' which none of the other papers think is worth covering. Most cunningly of all, because it's critical of Camilla, it's also an implied Diana story.

And look at that headline wording: what do they mean by 'now'? Ostensibly it's the fact that the Duchess forgot to wear a poppy earlier in the week. But it also means: first she had the gall to marry the future King of England while Diana's corpse was warm, now this.

Front page here


Edmund Hardy said...

I threw away my Muslim scarf; now I only wear a Freedom Neck-warmer.

jpt said...

That's the ultimate Express story. Why would they ever write any more??

Please God (or the editor of the Express): make it stop.

The Overnight Editor said...

Violent direct action is now our only course.

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Kusems said...

Um, sorry, but what's a poppy and why is it such a big deal?

Will said...

Fun fact: between January and September 2006, Diana featured on the front page of the Express 42 times. Forty-two!

Edmund: you threw away your Muslim scarf? Waiter, get this man a fatwa.

JPT, OE, you're right. Something must be done.

Kusems: poppys are red flowers, worn over here in the run up to Remembrance Day (Nov 11) to commemorate those who died in the First World War.