Monday, January 08, 2007

Ten grand

Scenes of massive partying and choked-up emotion pouring forth here at The Electric Goose, with the news that this blog had its 10,000th visitor over the weekend. That's what my stats counter Sitemeter says anyway, although it could just be spewing out random numbers and laughing at me behind my back for all I know.

The hallowed visitor in question hailed from the town of La Conner in Washington state and was referred from this page, which suggests he was looking for musical insights into the year's top tracks. According to Sitemeter, his stay here at Goose lasted for a disappointing "0 seconds", which seems to sum things up really.


Darren said...

Do you know who/what largeheartedboy is? That site seems to be responsible for about 90% of all the traffic to my blog.

Congrats on your milestone by the way! Here's to the next 10,000!

Will said...

It's a music blog; basically at the end of the year, whoever runs it compiled linked lists of all the online 2006 music lists - so my best tracks and best albums posts got linked to, as did yours. Combined with some other stuff, it basically doubled my traffic pre-Christmas... That boy really is largedhearted.