Wednesday, January 17, 2007

All these things that I've done

Haven't shat out any blog matter onto the global information network in a while. Let's get up to date. Since last post, I have:

  • Listened exclusively to music by eccentric female singers (Newsom, Winehouse, Spector)
  • Been lambasted online by angry BNP sympathisers
  • Spent ages trying to get tickets for Arcade Fire in Brixton, finally getting a spare from a friend
  • Booked a flight to Moscow
  • Realised that I would be in Moscow during the Arcade Fire gig
  • Cursed the day I was born
  • Cooked a slightly too stodgy potato korma
  • Thought very hard about some of the issues raised by Celebrity Big Brother
  • Realised that an acquaintance with newly-shorn hair now looks like Harpo Marx
  • Didn't smoke a single cigarette
  • Finished Day 5 of 24, and cemented my love for Aaron Pierce
  • Drank cocktails on the South Bank
  • Taught myself to speak (a bit more of) Tamil
  • Briefly confused Alec Stewart and Alec Guinness


Peter Stritter said...

Saw the Orange blog. And the BNP sympathisers. Though they were quite sweet really. Yeah! Serves you right, all the world’s ills are due to the ‘loony left‘… and Ken Livingstone. Literate bigots scare me to death.

Huw said...

I think I will take the lead from one of the BNP sympathisers and start referring to you as Will 'Hack' Parkhouse from now on. I hadn't realised I was reading journalism until his eagle-eyes alerted me to it.