Friday, January 12, 2007

My other blog is a Porsche

We've just launched a News Blog at work. Myself, Darren (who also blogs at Wrong Angle) and a couple of others will be posting a plethora of pleasurable polemics at least once a day on the topics of the moment.

In direct contrast to The Electric Goose - which aims to lull people into a trivia-induced stupor using a heady combination of anecdote and dross - the idea seems to be to provoke people into reacting with our unyielding firebrand views. By the time 2007 is out, I would ideally like to be known as "the new Richard Littlejohn", so please drop by, have a read, and, most importantly of all, leave comments on every single post. Because if you don't, I'll get fired.

Go there now!

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