Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Inevitable Celebrity Big Brother post

Can't wait for the Celebrity Big Brother eviction on Friday.

Word is civilised, astute, talented Shilpa (who speaks seven languages and has a black belt in karate) will be up against Jade. This will be the biggest landslide in Big Brother history. The odious Jo and Danielle will also be tainted by their appalling behaviour and will be cast out of society. And perhaps this will reassure India that not everyone over here is a racist bigot, and prevent nuclear war.

The Times Celebrity Big Brother blog is where it's at. Favourite comment so far, which came in response to the news that mass demonstrations had erupted in India and that questions had been asked in the House of Commons:

Having previously scoffed at Jade being the 25th most influential person in Great Britain I now fear this ranking was severely understated.

Posted by: Simon Curran | January 17, 2007 at 02:11 PM


Huw said...

Is it deeply wrong of me to believe that this whole issue being on our screens daily - be it racism or bullying, I haven't been watching - is actually a good thing? Bullying in some form occurs in each BB series (Grace last time, Maxwell, perhaps rather unwittingly, before that) and it always gets highlighted and prompts debate, which I think is good. Debate is good, right?

Or in doing so am I using Shilpa as some sort of psychologically tortured sacrificial lamb? My moral lobes are aching.

jpt said...

Debate certainly is good... I'm just a little worried though - what happens if Shipa loses the vote? I mean, the alternative to "reassure India that not everyone over here is a racist bigot, and prevent nuclear war" is pretty terrifying.

Could the end of the world really be started thanks to a reality TV show? There's definitely a TV show in that...

In other news - Channel 4 and the Carphone Warehouse are laughing all the way to the bank, with viewing figures up 30% since Monday, and expected to further increase before the final vote.

Will be interesting to see what Ofcom does about all this, since at the moment they definitely seem to be sending out the message - "Racism: it makes business sense."

Will said...

Huw: You're right, and anyone grunting "Well if you don't like it, just switch it off," is wrong - we shouldn't just ignore what's going on.

jpt: Don't worry. Jade won't just lose the Friday vote by a mile, she'll (very likely) have her career ended. That's pretty certain.

This just in from Sky: Ofcom has said Channel Four must respond to the complaints itself. "We expect to write to Channel Four shortly and we will listen to what they have to say," said a spokesman. "It's (their) responsibility to respond to what are clearly very significant concerns."

Will said...

Also, jpt, as you're looking at it from an ad-man point of view, what's the word from the Oxo camp?!

Huw said...

God, but what if the sort of people who responded to your BNP article galvanize to come out of support of the indigenous peoples' right to attack Indians (I can hear them now: "there's nothing racist about hating other cultures")?

I really hope the Jade backlash is fairly significant. She initially came to prominence when the intellectual media put a protective arm around her, chiding us for mocking her ignorance. But from what I've read I think she's showing that it's a particularly opinionated and wilful form of ignorance, and that just pisses me off.

Will said...

Well, it's weird because early last week, me and jpt were watching and both saying, "Ah, Jade's great really, she's coming across really well". And she was. She was reasonable, fun and supportive - and not as stupid as we all thought. But since the Dirk whisky-ditching situation (great response from H/Ian: "You're just a rebel, Face"), she's become deeply unpleasant.

Before judging them, we should always bear in mind that this is an artificial environment which aims to bring out the worst in people. And then judge them.

James K said...

News update: Carphone Warehouse have cancelled their sponsorship.

Chav update: Jade is an ignorant bigot. So is Danielle & the other one who was the ugly bird in s club 7.

We need Danny Tourette back in there to bitch-slap Jade and sort her out.

S said...

Haha will
A new place to leave comments so it doesn't look like I'm a stalker!

I've taken the vote and I'm a little offended that only 92% want Jade out.

Do you think the other 8 % want Shilpa out to save her more abuse?

I haven't watched any BB for 3 days. Sarah will be happy.
I'm watching eviction tonight though!

Red said...

Well, I have to agree with you, Will. Before we went to Seville, Jade did seem to be okay, chilled, concerned about how the others might perceive her if they had to wait on her and stuff. Certainly there were no signs that she she would turn into a nutter with uncontrollable-rage issues.

We were away for the whisky incident, but we were here for the Oxo cube incident, and really, I couldn't believe that nobody, not even that dickwad of her boyfriend, told Jade to calm down. If not out of respect for Shilpa, then to prevent her from bursting a blood vessel. She was INSANE. When she stood up from the couch, I thought for sure she was going to thump poor Shilpa. I hate aggression, and aggression over petty things is even more repulsive.

Anonymous said...

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Will said...

S - Yeah, I was surprised how many people still wanted Jade in.

Red - Yeah, one of the most sickening things is the fact that 'Cleo' and 'Dirk' (if those are their real names) just stood by watching. But with the whisky, chicken and Oxo incidents, I did start to wonder whether it wasn't these apparently innocent food-and-drink products that were in fact to blame.

Anonymous - thanks, I'm always looking for "more information". The internet is so lacking in it, don't you think?

Chris said...

But the most important point is that Shilpa was born in Tamil Nadu, but her native language (from her "native place" I presume) is not Tamil, but Tulu.

Maybe Millennium Chicken also speak Tulu. Could be worth learning a few phrases.