Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Off yer bike

I can remember quite clearly the first time I saw someone fall off a bicycle.

I was walking down Bristol's main student thoroughfare, Woodland Road, and a guy did an accidentally emergency stop and went over his handlebars. What was remarkable about the incident was that the instant it happened, people started running towards him. As the unharmed cyclist sheepishly disentangled himself and got to his feet, he found himself surrounded by people asking if he was okay.

I've seen the same thing happen once or twice since and each time it's reaffirmed my belief that human kindness is instinctive. In fact it makes me feel so warm inside that I've begun wishing more cyclists would fall off their bikes.


Huw said...

You are so naive, Parkhouse. They are just trying to be first to nick his bike, should he be unable to fend them off.

Nicole said...

I've fallen off my bike before, sort of. I was stopped at a light, put my foot out to balance on the curb, missed the curb, stumbled and dropped my bike.

People stopped and laughed. I can't blame them.

Anonymous said...

Running late for class, while teaching in japan, i tried to take the blind entrance to the school at speed.

Instead of cruising in and making the first bell i spent a brief amount of time on the bonnet of a startled parents car before ending up on the floor a few meters back.

I was soon surrounded by a crowd as you describe. Wether this was a case of `oh my god someone has killed the foreign looking person` or the phenomenon described, I don`t know. I would like to think it was the latter.