Saturday, January 06, 2007

Heart of dartness

Today there's been a lot of darts on the television and as a result I've been reminiscing about my arrow-throwing days back at Goldsmiths, where I liked to be referred to as "The Talent" (after the London Fields' character Keith Talent, natch).

It's a hypnotic sport, and one that brings together a strange mixture of competitive seriousness and a knowing silliness, with players having nicknames like "The Robot", "The Sausage-Maker" and "The Prince of Dartness"; it also has a beautiful terminology of its own, with words like "ochy", "double top" and "ton-eighty" thrown about like 25 gram Unicorns. But it's the gravitas - particularly from the commentators - which I enjoy the most.

The following clip, which features Phil "The Power" Taylor's nine-dart finish, is an extraordinary example of such seriousness. The moment when the commentator blurts out "Oh my goodness!" is quite possibly the second funniest thing I've ever heard (the first being the bit about 15 seconds later when he yells, "For history! History!").

NB The guy giving Taylor a massive hug after the immaculate 501 is his opponent. It really is a gentleman's sport.

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kearns said...

The commentator in that clip of course being the legendary Sid Waddell, responsible for the classic lines:

"When Alexander of Macedonia was 33 he cried salt tears because there were no more worlds to conquer - Bristow is only 27"

"Phil Taylor's got the consistency of a planet... and he's in a darts orbit!"

"Jocky Wilson ... what an athlete."

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