Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A heartfelt apology

I'd like to apologise to my readers. I have neglected you both. Of late, this blog has become a graveyard of pathetic cultural titbits, with little to no original content. I think we all know photos and videos don't really count. I've been reading around the "blogosphere" (I hate that word so much) this morning, and it's made me realise what a total bastard I am:

  • I haven't wished you happy Christmas
  • In fact I barely even mentioned Christmas
  • I haven't wished you happy New Year
  • I haven't told you what I did on New Year's Eve
  • I haven't written about the execution of Saddam Hussein
  • I haven't even acknowledged the fact that it's 2007
And why? Because I'm lazy, readers, that's why. Because I'm lazy, and I have no respect for my audience. I would like to redeem myself. Here is my penance. It's a picture of me looking like a complete twat on New Year's Eve. In my defence, I have no idea where that stupid hat came from.

Please take me back.


* (asterisk) said...

I've done on my blog all the things you haven't except for telling you what I did New Year's Eve, but you can read that at me missus's blog. So that makes me good, and not miserable. Yeah.

Doris said...

Well, if a picture paints a thousand words, I reckon that's got it just about covered!