Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What's in a name, part 1

Following the house move, I find myself suddenly in need of a new aerial lead for the TV, as the one I have is too short to reach the wall socket. So I go to the wires shop and buy the wrong one.

After cursing my foolishness, I manage to stitch the packet up so it is presentable enough to return.

I return to the wire shop and the nervous young girl behind the counter explains that she'll need to take my name and address. After I tell her my name, she asks me to spell it. I do so as she types it into the machine. When I leave, with my new aerial lead and printed-out receipt, I find she has spelt my name "Prakhsue".

My mangled name looks funny. I start to say my intact, real, name in my head. I soon begin to wonder if I'm pronouncing it correctly – after all, I've never actually practised saying my name before. Why would I?


Red said...

You could adopt your mangled name for the identity of your exotic alter-ego... a Bond villain-type character, perhaps.

* (asterisk) said...

Man, you don't even want to know how my first name was misspelled this morning...