Monday, May 14, 2007

The prophecy

As my boss put it: "If you believe the Star, it all kicks off on 30th May. The Sun thinks it's 1st June and most people think it's 25th May. Whatever way you look at it, it's soon."

But what? Why, the return of Big Brother, of course!

Quote below is from Big Brother 5 (2004), spoken by contestant
Emma in a fit of rage following an argument with fellow housemate Victor. It shows that beneath his cocky exterior, Victor was perhaps endowed with an eerie gift for prophecy.

"He’s called me... he’s fucking called me... he’s called me... a fucking racist. He’s called me fucking racist. He’s called me… that I’m an image of Jade Goodya? Now, I like Jade fucking Goodya but... I’m like Jade fucking Goodya? Now there’s nothing fucking wrong with Jade Goodya."

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