Thursday, May 03, 2007

Granny's loyalty points

I'm going through change-of-address hell at the moment, having to contact all sorts of people to tell them to send their post to new-me, not old-me.

But it could be worse. Whilst trying to discover how to tell Tesco supermarket where I live now, so they keep sending me Clubcard loyalty discount vouchers, I stumbled across this rather bleak FAQ:

One of my relatives has died - Can I change the card to my name so that the points are not lost?
No. The Data Protection Act prevents us from changing any details on a card without the owners consent. You can have the points transferred to your existing card or we can send you a new card - but the request for this must be in writing

So not only do you have a dead relative on your hands, but you have to cut through a load of red tape to get your hands on their points. That's not going to help you get through this difficult time, is it?

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ladycharlie said...

Well, at least you can't blame them for not thinking of all possibilities and life scenarios! Hahaha! Makes you wonder if someone actually tried to claim on such a circumstance.