Friday, May 18, 2007

Star pupil

Good to see lovely people rising above their differences and getting along like adults.

On 4 May, model and former Celebrity Big Brother bully Danielle Lloyd successfully sued the Daily Star newspaper after they falsely claimed she had “a marathon sex session” in a club with a DJ she had just met. You might have thought this would’ve damaged their working relationship, but a look at the paper’s recent front pages (all accompanied by necessarily gratuitous pictures) suggest this is far from the case...

Wednesday 9 May 2007
Dani: My big reunion with BB Shilpa

Thursday 10 May
Dani’s new boobs: first pics

Monday 14 May
Dani’s terror as she’s mugged by gang

Wednesday 16 May
Dani’s new X rated telly show

Thursday 17 May
Dani: see my first topless pics inside

Friday 18 May
First topless Dani poster inside


* (asterisk) said...

Now, I don't care for Dani. Really I don't. I think she's a very dumb girl, and I would hate to be anywhere near her when she was talking about anything. That said, you can't put the words "Dani’s new boobs: first pics" in your post and not make it clickable. Good lord, man!

Huw said...

Ah, the guilt wank...

Red said...

A-ha! I knew those weren't the boobs she was sporting in the BB house!