Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Editors edit

Interviewed gloom rockers Editors the other week for Total Spec. Obviously I don't want to scoop myself by publishing it here, so here are a few outtakes that I couldn't fit in the proper article...

…Sweden wasn't the most productive time they've spent this year, as singer Tom Smith and bassist Russell Leetch explain back in their hotel room. "The actual translation of press we did over there into record sales seemed to work out about one record sale per interview," says Smith. "We did some great shows there, I liked it."

"I didn't," says Leetch. Sweden, it seems, wasn't everyone's favourite place. "It's just too clinical. I prefer a bit of dirt and grime, a bit of soul, it lacks anything like that."

"You could say the same about Japan – it's very clean and efficient." Smith is playing devil's advocate, we think.

"Yeah, but I liked the Japanese people more…"

"Stop! Stop, now!" interrupts Smith, perhaps concerned that Editors will become known as "Editors: The Band Who Hate Sweden".


"I couldn't talk to a Joy Division fan about Joy Division music very well," says Smith. Despite music journos' almost daily comparisons between Editors and the big JD, the band have always claimed Curtis and co aren't an influence. "I could talk to them about Love Will Tear Us Apart because it's on at every indie club night ever. I could talk about early REM stuff, like Murmur, Reckoning and all those records, for hours."

"I heard a busker playing Don't Go Back To Rockville on the way here," I tell him.

"Oh wow, that's amazing!" Smith is genuinely excited.

"I gave him 50p," I say. This was a kind of offering to the God of Journalism to make the interview would go well.

"Yeah, that's good," he muses. "I would raise my eyebrows after hearing that."


If the band all fell apart – I don't know why it would, but let's pretend – what would you go back to?

Smith: "There's no way I'd go back to music technology."

Leetch: "You'd be a farmer, I'd be a surfer."

Smith: "Maybe I'd go home, earn a bit of money, go travelling, try and see stuff. But no, farmer's a good one too."

I wonder about the shoe shop, where two of the band worked for a while before they sold half a million albums. At this moment, guitarist Chris Urbanowicz and drummer Ed Lay – the shoe shop boys themselves – arrive back at the hotel room.

"At the shoe shop? Definitely," says Lay.

"I'm going to be a Formula 1 driver," says Urbanowicz. "We were discussing this earlier, actually."

"I want to be a carpenter," says Lay. "And run a sandwich shop."

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