Friday, October 20, 2006

Watch us wreck the Nike

Great stuff from my friend Angry Tom who writes, in an email:
Went to a Nike focus group last night. Heads of Nike Europe watched us from a balcony. They were not impressed with me. Rich's brother organised it. Afterwards he told me: "They wanted some rocawear-loving rude men. Instead they got you clowns. If I ran Nike Europe and I flew in from Amsterdam to listen to you tell him that his new sportswear range looked like Alan Partridge in Flashdance and I'd paid couple of grand for the privilege, I'd be pissed off too."

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Will said...


Comment from someone calling themselves 'Prettay Prettay Good' on Angry Tom's MySpace page:

"This is the most disastrous thing I've ever been involved in".

That's a direct quote from Alfred after that Nike thing.

You know those rudeboys that play gangster rap on their phones that we said we all hated? Nike wanted them. Instead they got Joff: "this cardigan's my favourite item of casual wear"

I couldn't sleep last night because I couldn't stop laughing about that.