Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Blair flair

The scene: Prime Minister's Questions this afternoon. Tory leader David Cameron reads out comments the PM made in January in which Tony Blair said he was happy for Gordon Brown to succeed him.

"Do you still think that today?" Cameron asks.

Blair hesitates, then - waiting for the wild jeering from Conservative MPs to die down - eventually says: "I don't resile from anything I've said."

[re‧sile  /rɪˈzaɪl/
–verb (used without object), -siled, -sil‧ing.
1. to spring back; rebound; resume the original form or position, as an elastic body.
2. to shrink back; recoil.]

There is a school of thought that says Blair is a complete legend. Today they will be rejoicing. Resile!


Edmund Hardy said...

Well spotted. I was in the gallery but i just noted the fluff over foreign secretaries and acknowledging "the cuts". If someone can use the word resile in a debate, what hope has anyone else got?

v'lu said...

uhh, in response to your comment on my blog about the gubernatorial candidate for the state of ohio, strickland... yes, strickland.

hey, hey listen, isn't it amusing that a canadian and an englishman are paying such close attention to the state of ohio's elections?

i say strickland because of the prison reform he is in favor of. a friend of mine is in the joint down there...

sorry, no other place to comment back really...

Kusems said...

Resile, eh? That's a new one for me, but then, I am only American. I certainly wouldn't ever dream of learning new vocabulary from our nation's leader. Not proper vocabulary, at least.