Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bolt Action 5 / Dan Sartain / Back to the Future 3

On Saturday I went to see the band Angry Tom manages, Bolt Action 5. There are, of course, only four of them. They are all ridiculously young, look amazing, and have a healthy love of drum machines. A good sign: when they finished, there were girls queuing up to speak to them. That's not a metaphor: they were literally queuing. Their first single's going to be released on Tom's new label, the excellently-named No Pain in Pop (tagline: "I'm not going to lie to you, we're kind of a big deal"). Have a listen here.

This afternoon housemate Jamie, who I have unfairly maligned in this very weblog for the outrageous work perks he gets, got us guestlisted for Dan 'bring your gun and I'll bring my knife' Sartain at the Barfly. I can't be bothered writing an overlong encomium describing how ace it was, so I'll just say 'that man totally rocks'.

Dan Sartain
He has something of the Steve Buscemi about him,
don't you think? Check out the bassist, what a beard.

Excited drinking boys standing behind us: "This is amazing. It's only 3.30 in the afternoon and we're well on the way."

Dan SartainDan loves his snakes. Turn round and face me Sartain!

On the way home I bought some t-shirts from Camden market. I couldn't resist them, I'm sorry.


As we neared home, I suggested to Jamie we watch Back to the Future. We'd both seen the first film the other week, but as we were both exhausted and needed something light, we went for number three in the series as I thought the second film would probably be too complicated.

I've said before that re-watching the Back to the Future films is great, as there's always something new to spot. This time was no exception. When Doc's about to send Marty back to the 1885 Wild West, he says, "And remember, where you're going, there are no roads." A clever echo of the final line of the first film ("Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads"). Fantastic.


Chris said...

Watching (part of) McFly II today, I particularly enjoyed the western Biff is watching from the jacuzzi, which has the obvious reference to B2TF III, but also manages to echo the scene towards the end of the first film when Doc Brown is shot, but reveals the bullet proof vest.

Although it did annoy me that Marty is warned not to bump into himself or the space-time continuum could implode, whereas Biff gets away with it unscathed.

* (asterisk) said...

Ah, those BTTF films. I've not watched a single one since buying the DVD box set a couple years back. They are great, though No.3 is my least fave.

Will said...

Chris, your second observation is excellent, I'd never made the connection.

As for the first, I've always thought of it less as a 'reference', more as a subtle plot point - Marty sees Eastwood in the film doing the bullet-proof vest trick, remembers it and uses it later.

Will said...

PS By 'second point' I mean the Doc-Marty bullet-proof jacket connection.

Chris said...

But Marty tells Doc about the Libyans before he walks in on Biff watching the film (well, before in the sense that it happens before in main-character-Marty's life, rather than before in time, which it is also). Or does Marty watch the same film in BTTF1?

Will said...

Ah. Let me explain myself. The film (A Fistful of Dollars by the way) gives Marty the idea of wearing the iron armour in the BTTF3 cowboy duel. But Doc Brown's inspiration for wearing the bullet-proof vest in the first film is not inspired by the Fistful scene - it's just from Marty's letter as, yes, Marty hasn't seen the film yet. Yeah?

Chris said...

Ah-ha. But nice that it links to BTTF1 all the same.