Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hazy Sunday afternoon

My memories of Saturday night are dreamlike and muddled, and still – even this late in the game - dripping back into my head. I got to a house party at around midnight. And after that, I'm remember these things happening:

  • Sitting on the stairs while a slightly distressed looking girl told me over and over again about the time she saw a UFO. "It looked very much like a black binbag, but it was flying above the height that black binbags can fly – and it was moving with real purpose."
  • Telling all and sundry that Rachel Steven's Sweet Dreams My LA-Ex was "the best pop song of the past ten years"
  • Asking a bespectacled hippy what 'life story version B' was and being told he worked for the cheese mafia in Switzerland. Asking if he was Swiss. "No, I'm Australian." Then telling him that I didn't like Australians
  • Lying on Chris's bed listening to songs from Tamil movies and smoking Royals
  • Shouting about the special fuchsia t-shirt range
  • The whole house party stopping for two New Zealanders to do the Haka in the centre of the lounge
  • Getting home around 3.30am and finding the front door of our house wide open
  • Eating a pork pie and switching on the TV to see John McCririck lying in bed drinking champagne and being berated by Edwina Currie

Actually, scratch that last one, it seems far too unlikely. But what's going on? Whenever I go out properly these days, I have nights that turn weird. It's great! Here's one. And here's another (from an email to housemate Jamie):

My Akira the Don interview all went a bit gonzo, and turned into a surreal Shoreditch drinking session. I can remember joining him behind the decks to tell him that Meatloaf's Bat out of Hell made me cry once, and some girl asking me what my star-sign was, and a band whose singer looked like Garth Marenghi, and the guy who ran the record label drawling "there's free tequila at the bar". Oh, and someone smacking me with some mini bondage whip as I left. But there's still much haziness. And Akira kept introducing me to people as 'William' because I’d said I had a special affinity to the Smiths' song William, It Was Really Nothing.


Chris said...

Good memory. One of the "New Zealanders" is from the West Country. The other is from Sheffield. But close! Can't remember who "binbag girl" was. I'm sure whoever she was, she won't appreciate that nickname.

Yasamin said...

ya know... its amazing how outstandingly fun your nights are. you make me feel completely boring.

your the second guy from the UK i have read about that parties like its their last night with a penis. geez.

im so depressed now.

Chris said...

While I may have some loss of memory, Will's penis definitely did not come into the equation at all.

Will said...

Thanks Chris. Sorry Yasamin.

PS I remembered another thing last night: there was someone there who apparently used to star in amazing boy-turns-into-dog children's TV show Woof! I loved that programme!

* (asterisk) said...

Sounds like a fun night. Was your flat burgled? Presume not, or you would have mentioned it, right? So why was the door wide open?

Will said...

It wasn't burgled. Basically, on Friday and Saturday nights, the normally sedate people who live in one of the other flats go mental, and all sorts of weird shit goes down. I should probably send an email round saying, "Wtf?!", but that might provoke them into throwing more bottles of piss onto our terrace.

More on Woof! (Chris, who was it? Did I meet them?)