Thursday, July 13, 2006

The youth of today

I've been thinking about the youth of today recently, and was wondering what kind of anachronistic things I'll tell my grandchildren when I'm an old man. I'm going to make a list, so I’ll be ready. But here's the first one:

"Kids today have got it made. In my day, we had to use our fists to beat each other up, we didn't have knives or guns. Spoilt bastards."

Anyone got any more for my list?


* (asterisk) said...

"Back in my day, we used to have iPods. Kids today have got it made, what with music being electronically implanted into their brains at scarcely the speed of a thought impulse." Or something.

kearns said...

I can envisage you going into a cafe in 20 years and playing Wild Gunman on the arcade machine.

At first you'll think you've impressed the gathering of youthful spectators, only for one of them to complain that any game that you need to use your hands for is babyish.

Jamie said...

Me: Kids today! You don't know you've been born. When I was young we used to all have legs and faces.

Youth 1: Legs? What is leg, zimbo?

Youth 2: I'll be sparked. Some sort of zygymuth?

Niamho said...

January 2020:

"Kids Today? What kids?

Everyone's 96 and still at work...

I blame actuaries. They fucked up our pensions!!!!

And all the trees have been cut down for use as walking sticks.

Senior Citizens today!! What I wouldn't give to see a kid right now..."

Seanie said...

Kids today! They're utterly useless. They can't string a sentence together let alone read. They expect to be spoon fed. AND they shit themselves, right where they're sitting...and then they expect you to change them. Bloody kids!

Will said...

Charlie Brooker says:

"I was once so frightened by a midnight showing of King Kong on BBC2, I spent a largely sleepless night with my head tucked under the duvet, half expecting to be attacked by an animated gorilla. These days the average primary-school kid can sit through 13 consecutive hours of 3D bestial porn on a WAP-enabled Internet bong without so much as blinking."