Friday, July 21, 2006

Gone, but not forgotten

I was trawling through my mobile phonebook this week and found myself being diverted down memory lane after seeing a fair few people who I've totally lost touch with. Here are some of my favourites, with their "best bits" (how crass!):

Name: Adrian
Memorable moment: teaching Sharma how to pass his first year law exams in a week and showing the rest of us how to roll the perfect cigarette
Most likely to: kill you, during a game of Quake II

Name: Jordan
Memorable moment: joining the university massage club solely to “meet hot chicks”
Most likely to: down a pint of coffee then hump the door frame

Name: Peroxide Dan
Memorable moment: making me watch the messed-up Peter Jackson film Bad Taste when I was in no state to see it
Most likely to: say "Wicked" like he really meant it

Name: Rooth
Memorable moment: punching me in the face because I said she looked like Michael Moore (it was because she was wearing a baseball cap!)
Most likely to: Buy a ton of White Lightning, drink it and get lairy

Name: Simon
Memorable moment: inviting me and my friends back to his flat after clubbing at Creation, then secretly filming our mashed-up behaviour
Most likely to: order fucking loads of Dominos pizza

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