Tuesday, July 18, 2006

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Read the Bush "Yo, Blair" transcript

Get a bargain on Ebay

Buy a pretentious present

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* (asterisk) said...

I read the transcript, but I think I'll skip the rest... It doesn't seem that you bid on the trolley thingy either.

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Edmund Hardy said...

I was fascinated. In some versions on the BBC the inaudible bit about the sweater comes out as Blair saying "Yes, I knitted it myself." And the soundtrack does sound like that. Recently I went to the Whitehall archives & was allowed to read the phone conversations between Bush and Blair post 9/11, under the guise of research.

Will said...

Yes. Although the "I knitted it myself" line is followed by laughter from both, so I'm guessing he was being 'funny'.

Part of me found the transcript quite comforting - if nothing else, it showed that Bush does actually have his own opinion on some things.

Oh, and I take it you're not allowed to divulge anything from the Whitehall archives?

Edmund Hardy said...

Also, 'He's honey' sounds much more like 'He's had it'.

The press have jumped on this transcript as an example of Blair's poodledom in action, but to me, the striking feature of Bush's deference - "I'll say it if you want me to."

I'm allowed to convey the tone, to paraphrase, and to give one sentence quotations. Some of the stuff is fully on the Hutton report website anyway. The key call is the second, on the friday, when Bush, talking about hitting Al-Qaeda first, uses the analogy of a pebble dropped in water, "We focus on the first circle, then move to the next circle."

I'd love to read the transcripts of Churchill & Roosevelt at the height of war, and also Macarthur having dinner and cigars with Hirohito, these latter having been published in Japan.