Wednesday, July 19, 2006

They have names!

Got bored on Sunday, so I went for a walk round Stockwell. And I made an interesting discovery. Walking past one of the Stockwell flats, I noticed it was called Arden House. Got to the next one, and it was called Pinter House. Playwrights! I wonder why.

I had to know what the third flat was called - the one I've been photographing - so I doubled back. Inevitably, it was named after one of my favourite writers; it was called Beckett House.


jpt said...

that's actually a bit spooky...

Jamie 'Dan Brown' Wilkes said...

"Another trait the flat [...] No life. Same flat [...] at all times. For its affirmations. For its negations. For its interrogations. For its exclamations. For its imperations. Same flat [...]. You were once. You were never. Were you ever? Oh never to have been! Be again. Same flat [...]"

As is clear from this excerpted quote from Company, Beckett was an anticipatory plagiarist of the Stockwell flats' brooding presence, even encoding this fact within his work.

Will said...

Vladimir: They make a noise like feathers.

Estragon: Like the Stockwell Flats.

Vladimir: Like ashes.

Estragon: Like the Stockwell Flats.