Friday, June 09, 2006

Wheel or no wheel

Went for a couple of drinks with poet Jamie on Tuesday (NB Poet Jamie is a different person to housemate Jamie or crazy Jamie. Recently I considered inviting the three of them out for a pint - they don't know each other - and then watching gleefully as the confusion set in and they realised the hilarious prank I'd pulled on them. But then I thought they might feel they'd only been invited because they were called Jamie. And in a way, they'd be right).

Jamie could only stay for a few pints he said, because he was giving his bicycle away. I asked if his bike was getting married. He said, yes, she's found a lovely man bike and I'm walking her down the aisle. I said, no come on be serious.

He explained that a short while back, the wheels had been stolen from his bicycle, rendering it useless. So he'd advertised it on Freecycle, a website that's a bit like Ebay, except everything's given away for free (the name "Freecycle" is a pun on "recycle", nothing to do with bicycles). Four people were interested in his wheel-less bike and one of them was coming over that evening to collect it. I ventured that perhaps this man had a couple of wheels himself that he could attach to the bike. "Yeah," said Jamie. "I put in the advert 'Would suit: the blighter who stole the wheels in the first place.'"

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Sue Ellen Mischke said...

There's something unsettling about this freecycle thing.