Monday, June 19, 2006

The folly of Microsoft

Microsoft are poised to launch Internet Explorer version 7 - you can download the Beta version now - and at first it seems quite cool, but then you realise it's still ridiculously slow compared to the majestic Firefox browser. Here's another reason why Firefox is amazing:

At my new job I'm struggling using shit IE6, especially as this is the kind of thing where I need three CMS windows open, plus various pages of our website, BBC and Sky News, and my Hotmail, at the very least. The lack of tabbed browsing is killing me. And I don’t have administrator rights (access to Program Files), so I can't download any applications.

How to get around it? Well it's certainly too early in the job for me to start hassling IT guys who, if I emailed them for help, would probably e-spit on me. My idea of copying Firefox to a CD (it's a really old computer, so forget USB ports) and then sticking it on the desktop was totally thwarted: the CD drive wouldn’t even open!


birdy said...

Firefox rules!

DDWT said...

Will - you have my sympathies, I knew the work induced IE6 feeling very well.... unfortunately.