Sunday, June 18, 2006

On the Crouch

Crouchballs. Everywhere you look, Crouchballs. Weeks on, England striker Peter Crouch – and his infamous robot dance goal celebration (“it’s the new craze that’s sweeping the nation!” etc etc) – is still being referenced in the most unlikely places. Examples? But of course:

New British Mars probe
Researcher Dr Mike Healy said: 'It can perform a tighter turning circle than Peter Crouch – but we have not got it to dance yet.'
Metro, June 13

Giant outdoor TV screens for public to watch the football
In Liverpool the BBC had planned a "family-friendly, no-alcohol environment" with enough elbow room to be able to "do the Crouch" - the England striker's celebratory robotic dance.
The Guardian, June 13

Chinese inventor creates rickshaw-pulling robot
England soccer star Peter Crouch’s robot dance is really catching on — even with this new Chinese invention. The battery-powered robot pulls a rickshaw ridden by Wu Yulu, 45, who spent a year making it from scrap in Beijing.
The Sun, June 14

Robot football tournament taking place in Germany
"Forget Peter Crouch's robot dance – now you can have the real thing, as the 2006 Robot World Cup kicks off in Germany."
Metro, June 15

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